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A Virtual Nation, Virtually Untapped

There are 1.73 billion active users on Social Media networks today. Put in context, they would constitute the most populous country on the planet and the world's biggest market that no one is effectively selling to.


xKlaim empowers brands to leverage the enormous numbers of social media users today. Target them with the right offer, deliver it in real time, and direct them to specific locations.

Millennials on Mobile and the 1.4 Trillion Dollar Prize

In the U.S. alone, Millennials currently spend $600 billion annually. This annual spend is expected to hit $1.4 trillion by the year 2020—if not sooner. As a brand, how effectively you engage them will determine how large—or small—your slice will be.

$1.4 trillion annual spend


  • 90% of Millennials own mobile phones

  • 50% own smartphones

  • 50% access the internet on mobile


  • 60% say they like or follow brands just to get deals and offers
  • 77% participate in reward programs
  • 77% want mobile coupons or rewards
  • 60% want to redeem rewards from their phone
  • 59% want exclusive offers

Up to 85% of this audience is under-served. With xKlaim, brands not only create offers for their followers quickly and easily—they can be distributed and redeemed on mobile devices with the functionality that Millennials demand.

Game Changer: Mobile + Social + Offers

From 2009 to present, there was an explosive growth in the adoption of connected mobile devices and in social media. This growth, plus the age-old desire of all consumers to seek the best value available, creates a window of opportunity for brands. Finding the right way to leverage this behavior and connect with this audience has exponential benefits.

"Printing coupons? I don't even own a printer. If I don't have the coupon on me when I'm in the store, I walk out."

xKlaim is a Zero-Waste opportunity. Brands only pay for the offers redeemed—not for those provisioned. With xKlaim, each offer is an opportunity for your brand to drive physical store sales and learn more about that individual customer to take advantage of targeted marketing.

Maximize Social Media Potential With xKlaim

Consumers are embracing technology at a mind-boggling pace and using social media at an ever increasing rate. While brands continue to pour dollars into connecting with these consumers, ROI remains elusive: The average brand reached only 16% of its fans on Facebook in 2011. With the right delivery method, offer, and timing, not only will you reach more followers but they will be motivated to share with their friends and family, leveraging the social graph to advertise your brand and increase sales in store.

58% of users have "Liked" a brand.

80% say coupons and discounts are their favorite content from brands on Facebook.

510 is the number of Facebook friends 18-24 year-olds have.


1 Million links are shared

2 Million friends requested

3 Million messages sent


  • have mentioned a brand in their status update.

  • have shared a link or story about a brand.

Turn Followers into Shoppers…NOW!

Radio—the world's first mass broadcast media—took 30 years to achieve a 50% adoption rate. Social media has taken less than 4 years to reach the same penetration. And accessing social media on mobile devices—especially amongst Millennials—is following a similar meteoric trajectory.

The consumers who will spend $1.4 trillion by 2020 are already out there. If you want them, xKlaim them.

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